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We help you become financially independent.

Our team of financial trainers is here to help you with stocks, derivatives, commodities, forex, and international markets.

Live Sessions

We host live sessions for more specific & personalised learning throughout the first 8 weeks.

Dedicated Chatrooms

Join a growing community, get peer insights, meet like-minded people and discover exciting trading opportunities and collaborations.

Learning Portal

Our exclusive learning portal hosts more than 50 hours of watchable content, plus exclusive content, trade setups, & breakdowns.

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A Group Of Spirited Educators.

Meet Our Team

Ridhwik and Goutham started Cosmic Wealth after they found profitability for themselves. Today, there’s a team of high-qualified trainers in the trenches with the members everyday.

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3 Simple Steps To Join!

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Send in some information about yourself and book in your application for a discovery call with our team.

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Discovery Call

Our team will call you back within 24 hours, and ask a few questions to make sure that we have a clear idea of what you’re looking for, and whether we can help you achieve it or not.

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Take Action

If we’re able to deliver on what you personally require from trading, then we’ll give you an optional entry into our exclusive trading program.


Real People, Real Stories, & Real Results...


Request A Call Back From Our Team

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  • This call is to understand your current situation and your desired results with training.

  • You can ask any final questions about trading.

  • This call will also act as a qualification where we figure out if we're a good fit to help you trade profitably.